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  • This page outlines a proposed Proof-of-Concept.
  • The objective of the POC is to demonstrate that Xchanging can offer the facilities for a Consolidated Data Platform.
  • This POC is described in a document that can be downloaded from here.

    1. Introduction
    This short Paper presents a simple Proof-of-Concept for Xchanging and Retail to support a simple Data Warehouse and BI Layer.
    A typical kind of display requested by users is a Pie-chart.
    This example shows four figures – Women’s Wear, Menswear, Children’s wear and Women’s Accessories
    The source of the data is Sales Receipts generated in Stores.
    This data is stored in a Data Warehouse to provide a Single View of the Truth for the Pie-Charts in the BI Layer.
    The Sales Receipts are from a recent trip to Malaysia and are not directly related to the data in the Pie-Chart.
    A Pie-Chart for Retail
    2. Generic Data Architecture
    There are many different ways of defining a Data Architecture.
    This diagram shows the four major Stages in delivering the ‘Single View of the Truth’ :-
    A Simple Data Architecture