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Vendors in Fiji
Vendors of B2B and E-Commerce Products

This in an introduction to a work in progress showing a range of Vendors offering E-Commerce Products.
There is a choice between 'Best of Breed' solutions or 'Single Vendor' solutions.

Single Vendor Solutions include IBM WebSphere and Oracle e-Business, whereas Best-of-Breed includes Ariba and Vignette.

E-Commerce Algorithmics   A new boy on the Block
E-Commerce Ariba   A major player
E-Commerce Blue Martini Accenture B2C Solutions
CRM Analytics BroadBase   Provides Analytics for BroadVision
CRM BroadVision   Another major player
  BroadVision SeeBeyond A good Combination - Enterprise Data Integration
Has "an Intelligent Bridge for BroadVision to Siebel"
  BroadVision Vitria EAI and "Integrated Customer Care Solutions"
  BroadVision WebMethods "Business-to-Business Integration Solutions"
  BroadVision WebTrends Visitor Profiling
CRM Clarify   Now part of Nortel.
E-Commerce Commerce One   A major player
CRM Epiphany   A major player
E-Commerce Interworld    
E-Commerce SearchSpace    
E-Commerce Vantive    
E-Commerce Vignette   A major player

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