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Personalisation of the User experience is an important aspect of maximising the User experience by tailoring the interface to reflect the User's Interests.
It is achieved by providing facilities for each User to specify their Areas of Interest.

These Areas of Interest include :-

  • Functional or Business Areas, such as CRM.
  • Pages of the Web Site.

    These specifications are stored in a Profile for each User, which is then used to tailor the Interface and Navigation through the contents of this Web Site.

    The User Profiles are stored in a Database which drives the Web Site. The design of the Database is shown in the associated Personalization Data Model.

    This Data Model shows how the User experience can be tailored to reflect the User's areas of Interest,(such as CRM), and Pages of the Web Site.

    Access to some of the Pages is restricted, and each User is assigned a specific Role, which has associated privileges.

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