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Usability - Categories of Good-Looking Web Sites

This Page shows the Categories of Good-Looking Web Sites, with the top one in each Category.
B2B Exchanges 1 AceQuote Another strong Category
Banks 1 Cazenove A strong Category
Black Music 1 Barry's Black Music Portrait Gallery The best Performers from the last 50 years.
Commercial 1 Tech Target A beautiful and unusual design.
Government 1 State Department USA
Health 1 Embarrassing Problems Winner of Zest of Life Awards 2000 - Best Health WebSite.
Hotels 1 Biltmore Hotel Santa Barbara, California
Internet Consultants 1 Rubus London, England
Miscellaneous 1 Online Call Manager  
Online Communities 1 Angel Fire Clear, easy-to-understand, with good use of colors.
Personal 1 Norlia Shidan Simple and Striking
Recruitment 1 City Jobs  
Search Engines 1 Google  
Travel 1 DreamPlaces  
Universities 1 Yale University I spent a happy year at Yale, courtesy of IBM
Web Designers 1 Luke Pepper A newcomer with great potential

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