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Usability Check Services

Here is a listing of Services which will assess the Usability of your Web Site ...

These Services usually work by applying a set of "Usability Rules", covering areas
such as Accessibility, Form Use, Performance(download time, size of graphics), Navigation and Readability.
Some, like Max, produce a numeric score by weighing several factors

I have never tried any, so I can't give you a recommendation.

Lift Online Checks Usability against 70 Rules
Costs vary between $1 per page or $50 for your Site
Max WebCriteria Price on Application
NetRaker Suite NetRaker Corporation Monthly Subscription - Price On Application
Let's you create online User Surveys for direct evaluation of your Site
WebSAT National Institute of Standards and Techology, US Govt.
Applies a set of Usability Checks which they publish.

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