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  Our Commitment to the UN Global Compact

I am proud to confirm that we continue our commitment to the UN Global Compact, (originally shown in this letter of August, 2002).

  • Barry Williams
    Founder and Principal Consultant
    Database Answers.
    London, England, New York, USA and KL, Malaysia.

During 2006 we extended our work to develop a Global Reporting Technology Platform to make it easy for organisations to prepare reports in line with the UN Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We placed particular emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility,(CSR), to reflect the increased importance of CSR around the world. We developed an online Questionnaire that anyone can use for a self-assessemnt of their 'Footprint in UNGC Principles and CSR'

Our expected Outcome from this work is that we will make it easier for people to become better informed and able to increase their contribution to the UNGC Principles.

Details of this work and our Global Reporting Platform are available on demand.

  • As part of this Platform, We have designed Data Models for :-
  • CSR Framework
  • GRI Indicators
  • GRI Repository
  • GRI User's Portal
  • Social Capitalist Awards

    In addition, our thinking has been influenced by an excellent article on CSR and Competitive Advantage, in the Harvard Business Review

    We have applied our Global Accountability Framework, to the UNGC, and have developed an ICT Toolkit to support the UNGC.
    We have consolidated some Case Studies, and this is our Information Architecture for the UNGC.

  •   Contents of our ICT Toolkit

    (1) Users can Register to join Communities.

    (2) They can check Best Practice and Case Studies.

    (3) Reports are available that Monitor Performance of KPIs
    to measure the Quality Of Life or any Community or Organization.

    (4) Consolidated Data is made available through a Data Dictionary to provide a 'Single View of the Truth'.

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