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Extreme Data Centric Database Design
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This page describes a Data-Centric approach to Database Design based on Extreme Programming.
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Extreme Programming is a rapid approach to systems development, based on small incremental steps with collaboration where the Users play a vital part in evolutionary development.

The approach described on this page is a Data-Centric approach, and we have also established a User-Centric Approach.
In this variation, the Data Analyst plays a dominant role, where Users may not be available.
Here is a typical series of Steps :-
1 Identify the 'Things of Interest'. These are the Things that Users talk about by the coffee machine or Water Cooler.
2 Discuss the Things with the Users Define a Glossary of Terms.
3 Derive a first-cut Data Model. Use Entities and Attributes and a Modelling Tool, such as Data Architect or ERWin to generate SQL.
4 Relate Data Entities to each Step. Create Cross-reference matrix to check results.
5 Identify Life Cycle for each Entity Establish how data for each Entity is created and finally deleted,(if it is).
6 Prepare sample Data In collaboration with the Users.
7 Prepare Test Scripts Agree sign-off with the Users.
8 Define a Load Sequence Reference Data, basics such as Products, any existing Users or Customers,etc..
9 Run the Test Scripts Get User Sign-off to record progress.

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