A Tutorial on Database Schema - Slide 3 - Overview
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  1. Overview of Buying from Amazon.com and Starbucks
    • Order
    • Pay
    • Take Delivery
Amazon and Starbucks Customers

  • This diagram is an overview of our Database Schema which we will be going through in detail before we review it at the end of this Tutorial.
  • We will be talking about a Database Schema covering Customers, Deliveries, Orders, Products and Suppliers.
  • We will start by looking at a Schema for Starbucks and then moving on to Amazon.
  • Bear in mind that the more complex solution includes the simpler one.
  • Before we begin, let me say that I have adopted the plural for Tables (such as 'Customers') because it is more natural than the singular form.
  • Strictly speaking, Data Modellers would be using the singular for a Data Model of this type, but I prefer a more User-Friendly approach.
  • Data Modellers would also refer to Entities, rather than Tables, for the 'Things of Interest'.
  • You will notice that I also refer to Tables for the same reason of being User-Friendly.

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