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  Top Ten Smartphones

Apple iPhone must be included in any survey of SmartPhones. ,
HTC is one of the leading vendors, and they use Windows Mobile Operating System. A colleague is using the HTC Titan which looks good. It has a slide-out keyboard which is much better thann using a stylus.
I have been using a Mio DigiWalker for over a year with good results.
The Nokia N96 has just been announced which will take up the iPhone challenge.

  These are the current contenders for the title of Number 1

These are listed alphabetically because right now there is no outstanding Number 1 choice
Android in Wikipedia Google's virtual Smartphone must be mentioned.
Apple iPhone One of the current leaders, with an SDK may be released in the next few months, which would be great.
HTC Titan Review Worth a look, if only for its slide-out keyboard.
Mio DigiWalker A701 I have over a year's hands-on experience and like it.
Nokia N96 Nokia's iPhone killer - "Designed for video and TV entertainment"
Sony PlayStation Phone Accprding to the Engadget web site, Sony says that PSP owners will soon be able to make Skype calls.

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