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  A Generalized Application Framework
A Generalised Application Framework provides a target for an Integrated Development Environment.
    There are four alternative approaches for a Generalised Application Framework :-
  1. 3-Tier Architecture :-
    • Presentation Layer
    • Business / Application Layer
    • Data Acess Layer

  2. Agile Development :-
    • Incremental Development
    • User Involvement

  3. Database-Driven Development :-
    • Data Dictionary
    • Data-driven Generators
    • Patterns

  4. Model-Based Development :-
    • Model with Tools based on an Architecture
    • Following Agile Developemnt Principles

  5. Model-Viewer-Controller :-
    • Model= Data Model
    • Viewer=User Interface
    • Controller=Control that links Front-end User Interface to Back-end Data Model

  6. Service-Oriented-Architecture :-
    • User Interface
    • Enterprise Service Bus (Middleware Layer)
    • Back-End Services
    • Web Services

Microsoft has done some interesting work on Patterns and on a Web Service Factory.
We like Database-driven techniques, such as Patterns, Generators and Translators.
This is based on a Data Dictionary, for example in driving a Forms Designer.

The first release is to establish credentials as Best Practice evangelists.
The second release will be Kick-Start Applications made available comemrcially.

The objective is to smart small with an underlying Architecture that will grow with you as your needs and your Application grows.
  Here are links to some commercially-available Products

Blinq Microsoft $299 "Blinq is a tool for generating ASP.NET websites for displaying, creating and manipulating data in SQL Databases", and has a Discussion Forum.
Caretta Caretta Software $500 GUI User Interface Prototyping - advertised in Dr.Dobbs Journal.
Expression Web Microsoft $299 Microsoft recommendation as Front Page replacement, but Amazon customers don't agree.
Infragistics Infragistics   AJAX Components - "The World-leader in AJAX-based ASP.NET User Interface Components".
Iron Speed Iron Speed $595 upwards Approach with caution - Iron Speed implements a variation of the 3-Tier Architecture which is shown in the diagram at the bottom of this page. A Download is available for evaluation.
It looks very good, and has a wide range of enthusiastic Testimonials from users around the world. However, it did not meet my expectations and I was unable to get it to work so I gave up trying after four frustrating days.
Microsoft Patterns & Practices Microsoft Free Worth checking out - represents the result of a lot of thought based on reality.
MOMOCS European Information Society N/A MOMOCS is a $1M European Research project, based on RUP,O-O and IBM's Eclipse initiative.
Net.Advantage for ASP.Net Infragistics $795 upwards Supports AJAX and "Provides a Presentation Layer".
Nevron Diagram Nevron $600-$1,200 "Build on top of the solid Model-Viewer-Controller Architecture."
Can be used to produce Web Site diagrams
Nevron User Interface Nevron $300-$1,000 Evaluation Download available.
StrataFrame StrataFrame Links for prices don't work Implements the 3-Tier Architecture listed above.
Supports Data-Centric Applications Development and AJAX.
"Optimised for Microsoft Visual Studio"
provides "Reduced .NET learning curve and new Application Development Time",
and "Automated parent-child relationships".
Studio Enterprise ComponentOne $1,000 Free Trial available
Tibco Tibco $N00,000 An Enterprise-level solution
Visual Studio Microsoft   Offers "400 features that streamline coding"
Visual Web Developer Microsoft Free "An ideal environment for new Web Developers", with tailored facilities for Visual Data Designers"
Windows Forms Builder Syncfusion $1,295 Supports ASP.Net and AJAX.

Here's a diagram from Iron Speed showing their N-Tier Architecture.
THey have added a Web Pages Layer and a Database Layer to the conventional 3 Tiers.
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