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  Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

Sooner or later, SOAs will become mainstream. This page is designed to help you make the transation.
Gartner thinks by 2008 they will influence our thinking, which is very pessimistic !
I am designing Data Architectures with SOA right now.
Check out Strike Iron and their UNIQUE Web Services Business Directory to understand what it all means.

  Here is a series of Useful Links

Follow these Links for Who's Doing What and the current State-of-the-Art.
Industry Watchers Web Services Start here - it's an excellent overview with links to other useful Sites.
Understanding SOA with WS
How to design a SOA-based integration solution.
Industry Watchers Zap Think They publish thoughtful articles and offer consulting at $4,000/day for minimum of 2 days.
Compliance The Basic Profile Check compliance with the Basic Profile.
Products Search Facility Provides search for eleven different Product categories.
Publications Bus. Integration Jnl Highly Recommended - eg excellent article on 'Dissecting Service-Oriented Architectures' (pdf).
Standards W3 Consortium W3C Web Services Working Group. New
Standards WS-I Web Services Interopability Standards Organisation.
Vendor Amber Point Offers an interesting SOA Dashboard, integrated with UDDI Registries.
Vendor Cape Clear A Data Integration Vendor, with a Government offering.
Vendor Amazon Web Services Amazon's Developer Scheme for Web Services.
Vendor Google APIs A great organisation with tremendous vision.
Vendor IBM Excellent links for SOA and Web Services.
Vendor Infravio Offers a Registry.
Vendor Instinet Offers a UDDI-compatible Registry.
Vendor Oracle Offers a ???
Vendor Polar Lake An SOA Approach to Data Integration.
Vendor Strike Iron An intriguing way to get started using their On-demand Web Services accessible through Excel and published in their online Web Services Directory which is searchable - and here you can create Dashboards from Excel.
Writers Business Blueprint Published by PC Magazine
Writers ESB SOA Framework Recommended - from Naveen Balani, Technical Architect of Webify Solutions.
Writers Oracle and SOA 'Solutions Architect' magazine takes a look at Oracle.
Writers Planning for SOA A broad and in-depth article on SOA by Ali Arsanjani, Chief Architect, SOA and Web services Center of Excellence, IBM, who publishes a Blog that is worth checking out.
Writers SOA Blueprints Excellent coverage from Middleware Research which encourages collaboration from practitioners.

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