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  The 'Desperado' range of Applications

We are introducing a range of Applications built around our Databases using a very powerful Oracle-based Development Tool called Dynamic PSP.
Some of these Applications are Products to help with tasks in different phases of the Database Life Cycle. and others are Applications aimed at a particular Vertical market.

The first ones are an Information Catalog and a Reference Data Manager.
These Products are Building Blocks which will combine to establish a generic Enterprise Intranet.

Our product range is shown below, and if you have a question, please contact us.

  A List of Current Products

Follow these Links for detailed Product Information
Data Dictionary This is the same as the Information Catalog,( see below).
Evidence Tracking Developed for a Police Department in Florida.
Reference Data Mgr Provides facilities to maintain and distribute Reference Data.
Reference DB An 'off-the-shelf' collection of reference static Data.
Best Practice Mgr Collaboration and Feedback.
Information Catalog Provides a single point of access to information within an organization.
Talent Agency Database of Actors, Dancers, Models, etc..
Planned On-Demand, Online, Web-Based Applications
Business Category Inventory Control
Business Category Project Management
Order Processing e-Commerce
Reservations Health Clubs
Reservations Hotel Reservations
Technical Help Desk
e-Learning Planned for release in July 2004.
User Portals Planned for release in August 2004.
Perf Monitoring Planned for release in September 2004.
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