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Our Work In Progress is :-
  • Entertainment Platform (for Ariadne)
  • Logistics Platform (including migration to Oracle Cloud)
  • Problems and Fixing (Timeless in Ashford)
  • Smart Homes (for Ariadne)
  • Toolkits for Smart Homes (for Dave Adams)
  • Trading and Collaboration Platform (for Julie Meyer)
    Other Activities :-
  • Preparation of Pitch for Money (50k for 6 months)
  • Preparation of Pitch for OSS
  • Presentation on Migration to Oracle Cloud and KPIs for Logistics
    (includes Safyr and my Logistics Canonical Model as temp tgt)
    N's Priorities
    1. One-to-One Teaching - 1 Week - (Skype 'most effective,$, quick to develop')
    2. Online Courses - 1 Week each course
    3. Sell Books ('Teach Yourself) - 1 Week each book
    4. Classroom Teaching (B.- 1 Week to create course
    5. Oracle Cloud Conversion Specialist (B.2) - 2 Weeks
    6. Big Data Facebook Campaign (B.3) - 1 Week
    7. Google Adware for Unbounce (B.1) - 1 Week

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