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  • What is an Enterprise Information Portal ?
    1. The Enterprise Portal is a central gateway to the processes, databases, systems and workflows of an enterprise.
    2. When personalised to the job responsibilities of employees via the Intranet, the enterprise portal provides a seamless, single point of access to all of the resources that employees need to do their jobs. When further personalised securely via the Internet and Extranets to the interests of suppliers, customers and business partners, the enterprise portal becomes the integrating conduit of the many different sources of data, including databases, systems and workflows each enterprise uses to carry out business with others.
  • Designing a Portal involves :-
    1. Establishing the User Requirements.
    2. Identifying the Data Sources.
    3. Designing the Data Model
    4. Drawing up the 'Top 10' User Scenarios.
  • Building a Portal involves :-
    1. Choosing a Vendor.
    2. Relating the User Scenarios to Components.
    3. Assembling the Components.
    4. Populating with sample Data
    5. Putting on User Trials.

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