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Other Experts

Underwater in Fiji There are a number of 'Experts' Sites on the Internet.
Some are more Expert than others.
Most of them are free, where the Experts take part because they enjoy the challenge and they like to help people.

There is a small number of 'Pay for Help' Sites, where you might expect to get better advice, or at least more prompt advice.

If you have any good or bad experiences or comments, please let us know, so that we can advise other people looking for help.

Free Excellent - Question and Answer format
Free Blog by Mohammad Ahmed Written from an Embarcadero perspective but looks worth worth reading.
Free Bytes on Databases Free advice from Enthusiasts.
  Christopher Browne Database and Open Source Enthusiast.
Free CrossRoads Open System Advisors- Product Reviews
Free Enterprise Architects Good Web Site
Free Inform Database IT Information on Oracle,SQL Server,Access, etc.
Lists the most popular Database Books and has Chapters online.
Free Intelligent Enterprise Good Web Site
Free Excellent - provides Discussion Groups
Free EarthWeb Portal and Search Engine for IT People
Free Mr.Bool on Databases Help from very enthusiastic people based in Brazil.
Free TechCrawler Another Portal and Search Engine for IT People
Free Techies.Com Well-designed Portal for Techies
Negotiable EarthWeb Knowledge Market You post a Question, and specify how much the answer is worth to you, then wait for the responses.

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