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Other Databases
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Other Databases
In addition to the three major commercial players, (IBM, Microsoft and Oracle), there are quite a number of niche players.
The most significant of these niches is Open Source, which includes MySQL and PostGreSQL.
An interesting player in this space is EnterpriseDB, which offers an Oracle-compatible Database, based on PostGreSQL, at siginificantly more affordable prices.
Another niche is Object-Oriented Databases. Although Oracle provides Object-Oriented features, other contenders manage to stay in business.
And here's a brief comparison of DBMS Approaches, from the folks at UNIX Space.
Here is a series of Useful Links :-
  • Absolute DB
  • This is an Embedded single file Delphi database with SQL support.
  • Access
  • Here's the official Microsoft Page to the most popular DBMS on the Planet !
  • Access (Open Source)
  • Here's an interesting alternative to making Microsoft richer.
  • Apache xIndice
  • An Open Source Native XML Database which is a continuation of dbXML (see below).
  • AskSam
  • A Document/Content DBMS.
  • Axion
  • An Open Source Java-based DBMS.
  • Berkeley DB
  • Oracle's Open Source Database.
  • Birdstep
  • Used to be db_Vista from Raima, offers Embedded, Mobile and Server versions.
  • Cache
  • "Powerful Fusion of Objects & SQL in a Multi-Dimensional Engine".
  • Clarion
  • Not really a DBMS, but is here because I am interested in "Template-driven Application Generators from any Data Model", which is how Clarion describes itself, and because it is recommended by The Art of Programming and Alfred Blaho.
  • Cloudscape
  • IBM's "Small footprint, Open Source-based Java Relational DBMS".
  • Context
  • Worth a look because it offers a new approach.
  • Daffodil DB
  • "Your complete Java RDBMS" - from India, no prices given on web site.
    An Open Source version is available called One$DB.
  • DB40
  • Database for Objects.
  • dbXML
  • A Database "for XML developers needing a database and XML" from Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • EnterpriseDB
  • An Oracle-compatible Database based on PostGreSQL offered at non-Oracle prices.
    A very interesting approach that should have a great future !!!.
  • eXist
  • Describes itself as an "Open Source Native XML Database" from Germany.
  • eXtremeDB
  • "The eXtremeDB embedded database combines exceptional performance, reliability and developer efficiency in a proven real-time database engine", from MCObject
  • Firebird
  • Based on InterBase from Borland/Inprise, also see IB Phoenix.
  • FirstSQL
  • Described as "A uniquely powerful object-relational database development tool for any platform anywhere".
  • HSQL DB Engine
  • A Java-based DBMS, available from SourceForge.
  • Idealist
  • 'Universal' DBMS from Bekon Marketing, based in the UK.
  • Ingres
  • I spent 10 great years as an Ingres DBA.
  • InnoDB
  • An Open-Source Database acquired by Oracle from a Finnish organisation.
  • Interbase
  • Comes with a proud Tradition !!!
  • Lucid DB
  • The Web Site says an "Open Source RDBMS built entirely for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence".
  • Matisse
  • An Object/Relational Database with a free download version (4 Mb).
  • McKoi
  • Another Open Source Java-based DBMS.
  • From Sweden - "The only DBMS that conforms 100% to the international SQL standard".
  • MindModel
  • "Relational database without Programming."
  • MySQL
  • They describe it as "The World's Most Popular Open Source Database".
  • NexusDB
  • For the Delphi and C++ marketplace.
  • One$DB
  • An Open Source Java-based Database from India.
  • Perst
  • An Open Source, Object-Oriented Embedded Database from MCObject
  • Pervasive
  • "Offers you a powerful, low-cost database management solution."
  • Pointbase
  • "A family of Pure Java Relational databases", brought to you by Data Mirror.
  • PostgreSQL
  • Came after Ingres from University of California at Berkeley.
  • Primebase
  • A SQL Database Server for Windows and Mac.
  • Qrimp
  • Qrimp - describes itself as "a next-generation development platform that gives you the tools to build advanced web applications from your browser. No programming required." - worth checking out
  • Raima
  • An Embedded Database Technology for Collecting, Storing, Managing & Moving Data.
  • Another Java-based DBMS, available from SourceForge.
  • SQL Anywhere
  • from Sybase and aimed at mobile applications.
  • SQLBase
  • A high-performance Embedded Database from Unify.
  • SQLite
  • A remarkable C Library that provides a Database in a file, which supports SQL - an Open Source Award Winner in 2005.
  • Solid
  • Philip Greenspun says "Better than mySQL."
  • Speedy DB
  • "Speedy is a SQL-database with some unique features for unit-testing."
  • Sybase
  • Sybase has a long pedigee and tremendous 'staying power'.
    Microsoft purchased the rights to use it some years ago and rebadged it as SQL Server.
  • Valentina
  • "The Blazingly Fast and Affordable Database.", from Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software.
  • Versant
  • Long-established OODBMS - now integrated with IBM's WebSphere.
  • XDB
  • Described as an Experimental Database, under development in Texas.
    "XDb's mission is to represent things as flexibly as the human brain."

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