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  Other Database Sites

This Page lists some other interesting Sites devoted to professional views of Databases.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations or comments.
1. Web Sites :-  
DB Forums Offers help with every commercial Database, and Design.
eHow Offers a range of practical How-To advice.
University of Illinois An excellent range of Models.
About Databases An excellent Site, covering a wide range of topics, from Data Mining to Tutorials.
Database Journal "The Knowledge Center for Database Professionals"
Database Stuff A Web Site maintained by an independent Data Architecture Consultant.
Database Trends and Applications Broad Comments on the Database Scene
DBAZine Online 'DBA Magazine' providing excellent coverage of the DBA scene.
DB Debunk Invariably thought-provoking - "where database fallacies are debunked", - features Chris Date and Fabian Pascal.
4. CONSULTING COMPANIES :- A great name for a Web Site.
DB Tune Oracle Tuning and Performance Specialists
e-DBA Oracle Specialists - Training, Disaster Recovery, etc.
High Performance Database Engineering Provide consulting to maximize performance for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and Informix.
Oracle Power Tools "OraPowerTools is a collection of native oracle database utilities". Downloads are available.
SQL USA Microsoft SQL Server Specialists.
TUSC Probably the most highly respected Oracle consultancy.
DBA Click A good site for Oracle DBAs
DB Forums Recommended for Discussion Groups covering a range of Topics and a range of DBMSs
DB ForumZ A new approach offering a range of interesting facilities.
DBA Geek Blog "Articles and information about SQL Server, Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access".
DBA Support Wide coverage
DevArticles Recommended - Looks excellent (and friendly !) for DB Design and Development.
Experts Exchange Database Expertise available, including Oracle.
IT Board Start with the Data Modelling Bulletin Board and progress to the Conceptual & Logical Data Models Board.
IT Toolbox A very good site covering a wide range of topics, with excellent coverage of Data Models.
Lazy DBA A Support Group for DBAs of all persuasions.
Oracle-Base I would appreciate any comments on this Site.
Oracle Technology Network An excellent Oracle Site, requiring (free) Registration.
OraFAQ A very useful Site for the Oracle professional, with "over 200,000 visitors each month".
SQL Summit Commentary on wide range of (mostly) SQL-related topics.
SQL Team Dedicated to Microsoft SQL Server.
Yahoo Database Groups Looks like excellent coverage of Database Topics.
6. TRAINING :-  
OraKnowledge Offers LIVE Online Training, and FREE Web Seminars on "Getting Started as an Oracle Certified DBA"


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