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Item added on 10th. September 2006 :-
  • Data Models
  • Kick-Start Collections for different Themes and Vertical Applications, including CRM and Customers, e-Commerce, Education, Entertainment, Health and Fitness, Law Enforcement Transport and Travel and the Top Ten Global Favorites (taken from those most in demand around the world).
    Item added on 25th. March 2004 :-
  • External Tables
  • Some useful Examples (on the Web Site).
    Latest News updated on 6th. May 2003 :-
  • Internet Developer Suite
  • Oracle's Home Page for IDS.
  • Internet Developer Suite
  • Training in IDS from University of New Mexico.
  • Oracle Online Development !!!
  • Oracle's new Marvel - an online facility to build robust dynamic web applications.
  • Oracle-related Web Site
  • Oracle Power - an impressive site covering a wide range of topics.
  • Oracle-related Web Site
  • Oracle Web Ring - in fact, about 28 linked Oracle-related Web Sites - but beware that with Web Ring you get a lot of irritating pop-up ads.
    Here are some Useful Pages :-
  • Introduction
  • Start here for an Overview.
  • Architecture
  • Articles on OTN by Oracle people about Middleware and Design.
  • ASP 101
  • How to call PL/SQL from an ASP Page.
  • Books
  • A personal selection, most of which I own.
  • Careers with Oracle Skills
  • Pretty much guarantees a job for life !!!
  • Certification
  • Excellent page of links from
  • Certification
  • Oracle's explanation of the paths to 9i DBA Certification.
    Cost of each Oracle exam for OCP is $125 for each paper except for the first 1Z0 007 that costs $90 with 20% off if you are an OTN member.
  • Certification
  • New option as a Design Architect - this page has disappeared but I have left this link to remind me to keep trying to find it, starting here for the UK
  • Connecting to Databases
  • Comprehensive coverage for all sorts of Databases.
  • Content Management
  • An excellent discussion of managing Web Site Content in a Database.
  • Data Migration
  • Using Oracle Transparent Gateway and Heterogeneous Services you can connect to a SQL Server Database and Transfer Data - here's a PDF file.
  • DBA Services
  • FamSoft's AvailDBA offers on-demand DBA professional advice and assistance for Oracle and SQL Server, (price on application)
  • Development
  • Oracle Development Tools User Group, (members only at $125/year).
  • Development
  • Web Alchemy - Translates HTML pages into stored PL/SQL.
  • Documentation
  • Download West - 9i Database Utilities.
  • Documentation
  • Tahiti - excellent Online 9i Manuals.
  • Migration Workbench
  • Table of Contents.
  • Online Training
  • FREE Oracle Training installing Oracle 9i !!!
  • Oracle Data Dictionary
  • Data Model showing major Tables.
  • Oracle Education
  • The most expensive option.
  • Ora FAQs
  • Excellent source of FAQs about Oracle.
  • Oracle FAQs
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Oracle.
  • Oracle Migration Workbench
  • A Very poweful facility.
  • Oracle NLS Support
  • National Language Settings.
  • Oracle Portal Studio
  • Portal Online provides :-
    1) Portal development on a Hosted subscription ASP basis,
    2) Built-In Content Management System,
    3) described in this PDF file,
    (Login as barrywilliams).
  • Oracle Specialists
  • Consultants with In-Depth Oracle Expertise.
  • PL/SQL
  • Steven Feuerstein - one of the most respected authorities on PL/SQL.
  • PL/SQL
  • Editors, etc..
  • PL/SQL
  • New Features in 9i - coverage from Oracle.
  • PL/SQL
  • New in 9i - 'Using PL/SQL Records in SQL Statements' - article by Steve Feuerstein.
  • PL/SQL
  • Excellent Introduction by OTN.
  • Search Oracle
  • A dedicated Search facility for Oracle.
  • Technical Support
  • If you have a valid oracle CSI (support account) you can use METALINK, which has Forums.
  • Technology Tracks
  • "Sign up for OTN TechTracks and get a 1 year subscription to Oracle9i software on CD."
  • Toad Software
  • An excellent front-end to Oracle from Quest software.
  • Training in Oracle
  • A range of online Tutorials, Certification Guides, etc..
  • Variety of Oracle Links
  • A variety of online Tutorials, Certification Guides, etc..
  • What is a DBA ?
  • A good background, with some very useful Oracle specifics.

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