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Books on Oracle

Here's a short list of my personal favourite books on Oracle, most of which I own, and
if you have any specific recommendations or comments, please
email me.
Oracle specialists will enjoy this Oracle Book Store within Amazon.

And here's an excellent Web Site called Bookpool where you can buy buy technical books at substantially cheaper prices.

Amazon 5-Star Oracle SQL by Example Alice Rischert (added Aug-11-04) A good book, which covers 10g.
Amazon 3.5-Star Conducting the Oracle Job Interview Ault and Burleson (added Aug-11-04) A much-needed book from two respected writers.
Amazon 5-Star Oracle SQL Kreines "Essential Reference" from O'Reilly
Amazon 3-Star Web Development with Oracle Portal El-Mallah Oracle Press
Amazon 3-Star Oracle SQL*Loader Gennick & Mishra O'Reilly
Amazon 4.5-Star Oracle Performance Tuning Niemiec A life-saver from TUSC - highly-regarded consultants.
Amazon 4.5-Star Oracle 9i New Features Freeman Recommended for its excellent coverage
Amazon 5-Star Oracle Essentials (9i,8i and 8) Greenwald,etc. Another excellent book from O'Reilly.
Amazon 3.5-Star Oracle 8i & Java Bonazzi & Stokol "From Client Server to E-Commerce."
Amazon 5-Star Oracle PL/SQL Best Practice Feuerstein Excellent O'Reilly book from a respected writer.
Amazon 3.5-Star Oracle Design Ensor & Stevenson "Database and Code Design" - from the reliable O'Reilly.
Amazon 3.5-Star Want to be an Oracle DBA - Pt.2 Ashmore More Scripts with excellent reviews on Amazon.
No Rating Want to be an Oracle DBA ? Ashmore Scripts, etc. for $9.95 !!!
Amazon 4.5-Star SQL and PL/SQL Annotated Archives Loney and Carmichael Excellent book of DBA Scripts from Oracle Press
Amazon 4.5-Star Oracle Web Applications 101 Vesterli A wonderful book - with an outstanding chapter on installation
Amazon 4.5-Star Oracle 8i Web Development Brown from TUSC and Oracle Press
Amazon 3.5-Star Oracle Web Applications Odewahn "PL/SQL Developer's Introduction"
Amazon 3.5-Star Oracle 8i SQLJ Programming Morisseau-Leroy ,Solomon ,etc.. Oracle Press
Amazon 3-Star Oracle 9iAS Portal Bible Greenwald & Milbery Revised "WebDB Bible".
Amazon 3.5 Star Oracle 9i Application Server Portal Handbook Cox and Vandivier Oracle Press
Amazon 3-Star Oracle DB Admin Kreines "Essential Reference" from O'Reilly
Amazon 3-Star Oracle Scripts Lomasky and Kreines Unusually Bad reviews for a book from O'Reilly
Amazon 3-Star Oracle Security Heney, Theriault and Russell O'Reilly

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