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The combination of PHP for Scripting and MySQL for back-end Databases is very popular, primarily because it is very cheap, and widely available.

It is also possible to run JSPs and Servlets againt a MySQL Database, which provides an excellent option of writing Java to obtain portable applications which can run on Oracle, DB2 or MySQL.
I have listed below the only two books I have seen devoted to this topic.
If you have any experience or comments, please let us know.

Access Data Conversions Convert Access Databases to mySQL - the only product I am aware of in this Category.
Books "JSP, Servlets and MySQL" Written by David Harms, but gets only 2 stars out of 5 from 9 reviewers.
Books "MySQL and JSP Web Applications" Written by James Turner, and gets an excellent 4.5 stars out of 5.
MySQL/ISP MetaDot Community Software/MySQL based/Hosted at SourceForge
MySQL The Web Site for the original MySQL creators makes an excellent starting-point
MySQL Here's a 'competing Home Page' for MySQL, launched by NuSphere in August, 2001.
MySQL MySQL Manager "A powerful tool for MySQL administration and development" from EMS HiTech.
MySQL NuSphere Commercial support for MySQL
MySQL OnLamp MySQL, PHP, Python, etc..
MySQL Tutorial - Part 1 Starting Out (by Web Shed - an excellent Site for Developers)
MySQL Tutorial - Part 2 Looks at SELECT, etc..
MySQL DevShed Site Check this regularly.
PHP The Fountainhead
PHP Also Scripts for other Areas
PHP OnLamp MySQL, PHP, Python, etc..
PHP phpBuilder Highly recommended
PHP PHP Classes Free Code available.
PHP px.SKLAR PHP Code Exchange(Search for Search)
PHP phpMyAdmin Free download from SourceForge
PHP phpNuke Free download of highly recommended Admin Tool.
PHP phPioneers Source Code available
PHP PHP Web Ring, (in German !!!) Check out the Members in the Ring
PHP phpWizard Free download of highly recommended Admin Tool.

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