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MDM and Software Tools 
A MetaData Repository is a vital component for Enterprise Data Management
Recording and managing data in a large-scale environment requires an industrial-strength tool designed especially for that purpose. In a situation where a number of different Tools are being used, it is appropriate to consider using an Integration Product, such as that offered by MetaIntegration.
Here is a section on Standards :-
  • OMG
  • The Object Management Group is proposing a Common Warehouse MetaModel, UML and XMI.
  • Oracle
  • Common Warehouse Model.
    Here is a comparison of Vendors Products :-
  • Gavilan Research
  • Report on Metadata product comparisons and metadata usage trends.
    Here is a selection of Vendors Products :-
  • Oracle
  • Common Warehouse Model.
  • MetaData Manager
  • Part of an impressive range of Products from Adaptive, including impressive Cloud Services.
  • ASG Rochade
  • The price is difficult to find, which probably means 'If you have to ask, then you can't afford it' !!!.
    Here's a useful Rochade User Goup,(not managed or censored by ASG).
  • CA's Repository
  • Currently called Platinum Repository - but Computer Associates,(CA), changes the names of its products regularly - but the link should be OK.
    The price is also difficult to find, which means that it is targeted at Enterprise Customers.
  • Data Advantage Group
  • Data Advantage Group's Metacenter repository is an Enterprise Tool offering customization and impact analysis.
  • Data Foundations (SAG)
  • Data Foundations OneData from Software AG
  • Global IDS
  • Offers a very interesting (and detailed) Data Discovery Architecture.
  • IBM MetaData Workbench
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation
  • A very impressive Web Site, with a wide range of useful information about Metadata Management.
    Offers the InfoLibrarian MetaMart™ and InfoLibrarian Metadata Repository™.
    Prices start from $795 for InfoLibrarian Studio™ and Free Evaluation Downloads are available.
    They also offer many packages ranging from the InfoLibrarian Studio™ to the Enterprise for metadata management, data governance and Master Data Management. 00
  • LogiDex
  • Offers "Lifecycle Manager", which displays complex, enterprise application environments in a graphical style.
  • MetaIntegration
  • Described by Giga as "The Switzerland of Integration Tools" - prices from $2,000 for Personal Edition up to $60,000 for the Enterprise Edition.
  • MetaMatrix
  • A sophisticated Product.
  • Microsoft
  • Good article from MSDN magazine on how to Create a Database Schema Repository using XML with Meta Data Services in SQL Server
  • SAS
  • Warehouse Administrator.
  • SchemaServer
  • From SchemaLogic.
  • Syspedia
  • From Syspdeia
  • Unicorn Repository
  • "The Data Semantics Company".
    And here are people doing very interesting work on Table-driven Application Generation :-
  • Alphora
  • Their Dataphor product (at $5,000/licence) "provides a complete foundation for Automated Application Development (AAD)", and they have a very interesting page on Database Theory.
  • Deklarit
  • Their product (at $900/licence) "provides a simple way to automate a great part of the application design, development and maintenance process.",
  • Ilog
  • Based around a Business Rules Engine, now taken over by IBM.
  • Stage 1 : Review Generic Framework
  • Their product automates Business Rules which declare Processes and Data Structures and works with IBM's WebSphere.

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