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High Flyers !!!
There will always be a demand for Database skills, so here we measure different aspects
In fact, being an Oracle DBA is as close as you can get to having a job for life these days.
The second most common occupation would be as a Database Developer,(which would mean PL/SQL 
skills for Oracle).

The demand for Data Architects is growing as the Internet and e-Commerce force many organisations 
to rationalise and integrate their Data Sources.

The rest of this Page shows the number of the permanent and contract positions currently available for some Database-related Skills.
Nick Wells maintains an excellent Web Site showing Job Stats for the UK and updates the figures every week.
Here is a comparison of two Recruitment Agencies in the UK and one, (, in the US for both permanent and Contract requirements on Sunday, 26th. May 2002
TITLE (US) JobFizz (UK) JobServe (UK)
DBA 1,109 65 578
Data Analyst 207 21 95
Data Architect 90 3 22
Database Designer 11 2 8
Oracle >5,000 319 2,956
Oracle PL/SQL 868 0 437
Oracle DBA 254 30 242
IBM DB2 1,096 51 294
IBM WebSphere 686 27 209
IBM DB2 DBA 64 4 29
ColdFusion 300 7 70
InterDev 178 5 32

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