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Problems with Iron Speed  

This Page records my Problems with iron Speed.
If you have any comments, please let me know

I'd like to be fair to IronSpeed, so let me report that on April 13th, 2007, John Mullally reported his experiences as follows :-
"Your review was interesting.
I encountered nasty problem #6 and was quietly blaming Microsoft - thanks to you now I know the source.
I have found Ironspeed very powerful, with the bugs having work arounds & being repaired in maintenance versions.
So my conclusion is different."

Problem Nr.1 Getting Starting with Iron Speed
I enter an Application Name, then discover it has to be not more than 20 characters.
I ask myself why but decide it's an arbitrary length which should be longer.
Then I learn it can't have spaces.
Again I ask myself why ? It's easy to automatically replace blanks by underscores. Then I correct it but Iron Speed doesn't recognise my corrections, even though the Application name is correct by this time.

Problems with not finding my Server

Problem Nr.2 Iron Speed Doesn't Find my Server (Sunday)

I have to manually enter my Server name.

It's not serious and easily fixed but why can't Iron Speed find 'SQLEXPRESS' ?

Problems Configuring a Start Page

Problem Nr.3 Problems with Configuring a Start Page (Sunday)
Things are getting worse. Now I can't even get started.

My first attempt got me as far as connecting to a table but my Application didn't display any data from the Table.

Problems Configuring a Start Page - Part 2 Problem Nr.4 Problems with Configuring a Start Page - Part 2 (Sunday)
I stare at these options in disbelief - what does this mean - what should I choose ?
I decide to give up. After all it's now midnight and I started at 4.00 pm.

Problems Raising a Support Case Problem Nr.5 Problems raising a Support Case (Sunday)
A friendly email from someone called Rose Lee from Iron Speed suggests I raise a Support Case.
What have I got to lose ?
Unfortunately, I can't log in.
I discover I can't escape because the login message box doesn't have an escape route.Another helpful email from Rose tells me I need a password which Iron Speed has generated but I wasn't aware of.

Problems with opening Trusted Sites Problem Nr.6 The worst Problem of all (Sunday)
The worst Problem is that the legacy of installing Iron Speed is that now I find popups constantly appearing and asking me do I really want to access Web Sites - none of which of course, are remotely connected with Iron Speed.

Problems with Startup Page Problem Nr.7 Problems with advice from Technical Support (1) (Monday)
Maha from Technical Support responds quickly.
Unfortunately, her advice doesn't work - or maybe it does, but I can't understand it.
And all this time, I am still having problems with the irritating popup about Trusted Sites which an earlier email from Maha didn't solve.

Problems with no data in the output box Problem Nr.8 Problems with no data in the output box (Monday)
Now it's after 11.00 pm at night on the second successive night I have been trying to get Iron Speed to fulfil its promise.
I am able to get further than before by creating a new Application.
So now I am back to the first Problem I had but I can't decide if that represents making progress.

Maybe I should should create endless new Applications until one of them works !!!

Problems with Troubleshooting Problem Nr.9 Problems Troubleshooting (Monday)
My Application didn't run successfully, so I choose the Troubleshooting option, which leads me to Problem Nr.10....

Problems with Connecting to Localhost Problem Nr.10 Problems Connecting to Localhost (Monday)
Why do I have to login ?
How do I login ?
It's now nearly midnight so I'm off to bed - maybe I'll feel stronger tomorrow.

I have given myself a week to get these problems fixed and then I'll give up on Iron Speed as yet another product that didn't fulfill its promise.

Right now, it's the end of the second day.

I am not making any progress and the clock's ticking.

Problems with Application Names Problem Nr.11 Problems with Application Names (again) (Wednesday)
After I change my Application Name to fit the rules, I still get an error message, which quotes the name which is correct while it tells me it's wrong !

Right now, it's the end of the fourth day.

I am not making any progress and the clock's still ticking.

Problems with Login Failure Problem Nr.12 Problems with Login Failure (Wednesday)
When I try to run an Application, it goes through the motions correctly, but at the end of, it doesn't display any data from the Database - see Problem 8.
When I click on the 'Troubleshoot' option, I have to Login - why ?

When I try to login, using the most likely Login name and password, it fails again - see Problem 10.

It is hard to understand why I am having to do all these things that seem irrelevant and unnecessary.
Of course, when they fail, it's even more disappointing.

I feel like a kid with his nose pressed to the window of the toy shop looking in at all the Iron Speed goodies, who finds the door locked with dozens of fiendish devices designed to keep me out.
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