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  The IBM Slideshows Page

This page lists the Slideshows that we currently have available for IBM.
Is there is any Topic you would like to see covered ? If so, please Email us
I am currently producing Specifications for other Cloud-based Services, including Self-Service Hotel Reservations, Entertainment Agencies,
Recruitment Agencies and Professional Services, such as Accountants, Lawyers and Removals.

If you are new to this page, we recommend that you take a look at the first two Slide Shows.
The first describes the unique approach ('our Secret Sauce') which is the secret to our success.
The second shows how we would use our Secret Sauce to send Alert to the CEO when a plane crashes or some other emergency occurs.

  Here are links to some of our Slideshow that you might find interesting.

Topics and Free Downloads
Nr Description Format DESCRIPTION
1 Barry's Secret Sauce Slide-Show Steps in using the Ingredients.
2 An Emergency at Heathrow Airport Slide-Show Send an Alert using a Trigger for an Emergency at Heathrow Airport
3 Self-Service Digital Banking Slide-Show Steps through the Procedure for opening an online Bank Account.
4 Self-Service Insurance
Steps through the Procedure for taking out an Insurancy Policy and making a Claim
Self-Service Reservation and Payment. 
Slide-Show Steps through the Procedure for making a online Reservation a Payment
6 UN Activities Slide-Show Step-by-Step Procedure.
7 Swiss Customs

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