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  Welcome to the Slideshow for the EZV Proof-of-Concept
  Data Architecture

  • The diagram on the left shows the three Stages in creating a Data Warehouse
    Between the DWH and the Applications is a Staging Area where we store data from an Application, such as NCTS, on a temporary basis.
    We do Data Integration tasks, such as clean-up the data and transform it to be loaded it into the Data Warehouse.
    Our Approach combines Top-Down with Bottom-Up 
    The Top-Down analysis identifies the Report Requirements.
    Bottom-Up is defined by the data being imoported from the chosen Applications.
    For this Proof-of-Concept, (POC), we have taken the Report from page 22 of Facts and Figures on  the EZV Web Site.
    We get started by reviewing what we know about the Applications.
    We define the functionality in each Application, together with the Top Ten Tables.
    For the Proof-of-Concept we used NCTS as a typical Application to provide source data to meet
    the requirements for the Report.
    In this way, we defined both the Report Requiremnets and the Data to meet the Requirements.
    Then we designed the Data Architecture to transfrom the NCTS Data into the Data for the Report.
    Finally, we implemented our basic Architecture successfully in order to prove the Concept.
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