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  Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Products

ETL Architecture

ETL Diagram

The area of ETL has been recognised for over 20 years and the challenges are well recognised. There is wide range of Products available in this category.

There is an overlap with other categories, such as Data Cleansing and Data Profiling, and most of these Products occupy an expensive niche. They are all fighting a war of attrition against Microsoft's SSIS (qv), and probably risking obsolescence sooner or later.
If you have any comments, experiences or suggestions, please let me know.

  Here is a list of some Products

Use these Links to choose the Product that's right for you.
Ab Initio   Good for Profiling.
Ascential DataStage   Offered as part of a comprehensive ETL Suite.
An IBM Company and renamed as part of the WebSphere family.
Business Objects   Data Integrator
CA Advantage   Data Transformation.
Cognos 8   Decision Stream
Data Junction   Now part of Pervasive, and called the Pervasive Data Integrater.
Data Mirror   Data Mirror offers an Integration Suite and Transformation Server
Embarcadero   DT/Studio
ETI   Evolutionary Technologies International - based on COBOL !
Hummingbird Open Source Integration Suite
IBM DB2   Offers a Data Integration Suite and Data Warehouse Manager.
Informatica   'PowerCenter' and MetaData Exchange, (including ERWin Data Models), and 'SuperGlue' for MetaData Analysis.
Information Builders   'iWay - the Foundation for SOA'
3 Editions - at $800, $2000 and $4000
A new player, with offices in the USA, UK and Malaysia
Leapfrog BI Free 30-Day Trial "Agile Data Mart Development Platform"
Microsoft SQL Server   SSIS replaces 'Data Transformation Services' (DTS)
Oracle   This BI Warehouse Builder page is a good starting-point.
(renamed Actian)
  Data Integrater, also offers a Data Profiler. and Data Integrator in the Clouds
Progress Free Trial EasyL
SAS   ETL Enterprise Server. ,also supports Master Data Management.
Sunopsis Acquired by Oracle in October, 2006 Data Conductor - "Positioned as 'Visionary' in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for ETL." Also offers an Active Integration Platform.
Timextender   "Agile ETL and Data Warehousing Software" (from Denmark).
Works with IBM DB2 and Microsoft SSAS
Offers Training and Certification and stresses an Agile approach.
WhereScape   Speeds up the development of Data Warehouses.
Works with Microsoft Fast Track Data Warehouse. and Teradata.

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