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    Underwater in Fiji
  • This in an introduction to a work in progress, and more detail is provided in an Overview.

    IDG predicts that Data Integration vendors are likely to merge in the future, because "Integration's not a game for one",(in Computing for 25th. January 2001).

    The work of The MetaData Coalition is also relevant For example, it describes the Open Information Model,(OIM) which is implemented in UML, and is sponsored by Microsoft.

    Key Points :-
    Architectures/Design Options/Hub-and-Spoke
    Case Studies
    Vendors -IBM Visual Warehouse, Oracle Data Migration Workbench,Data Junction , etc..

    The essentials are :-
    1) A Data Architecture
    2) The Concept of Wrappers
    3) Tools to build the Wrappers.

    The Links in this Table bring together a set of references which you will probably find useful, including Publications and Standards.

    They open up in separate Windows to make it easier for you to stay on this Web Site.

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