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  e-Government (UK)

e-Government is a very interesting area. It provides an environment where solving problems related to creating Data Models of the Real World is vital for successs. This makes it very rewarding, in ways that money cannot match.

  Here is a series of Useful Links

Follow these Links for Who's Doing What and the current State-of-the-Art
Local e-Govt.(UK) Start here - it's excellent and has links to other useful Sites.
Best Practice e-Government Good Practice Framework from the EU, including a Forum, a Newsletter and Database of Case Studies.
Brunei Brunei has committed $940 Million to e-Government.
Citizen Data Hub Oracle promises a Government version of their Customer Data Hub.
Compliance Audit Offered by HyTec Consulting.
CSIA Central Sponsor for Information Assurance,(Cabinet Office).
e-GIF The e-Government Interopability Framework.
e-GIF Accreditation Highly Recommended !
e-GIF Standards Essential Standards Documents
e-Svcs Dev F'wk  
Data Model My Data Model for Citizens and Services.
GovTalk Data Stds Government Data Standards Catalogue
Ireland Reach is Ireland's ambitious e-Government Plan.
MetaData Dublin Core MetaData Initiative - established for 10 years !!!
"an open forum for the development of metadata standards".
Also check out our page on Dublin.
MetaData Schema Standard for MetaData.
ODPM Office of the Deputy Prime Minster.
SocITM Society of (LOcal Government) IT Managers in the UK.
XML Schemas Useful starting-point for UK LOcal Government.

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