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  Development Productivity
We are very interested in ways of developing simple Database-driven Applications.
By this, we mean simple Applications to enter and edit data into Database Tables.
Probably this is very similar to what Microsoft Access provides, but for some reaon it is very difficult to achieve with a mainstream Relational Database.
Ideally, we favour something that a Database Developer can use with SQL skills.
Cold Fusion used to be the only candidate in this space but now things have changed, particularly with the advent of Cloud Computing.
This page is our start on an analysis of alternative candidates and an assessment of the productivity of the candidates.

Specifications for Development
There will be three Phases :-
Phase 1) - Initial User Registration 
A basic User Login facility for this Web Site.
This will be based on this login page, with the Language replaced by a choice of three drop-down values of 
Gold, Silver and Bronze for the three levels of Membership I will be offering.
Each Level will have a defined set of Pages that Members can access and these will be stored in the Table called Links_for_Levels.

Each Member will sign up for a specific Level and this will be stored in the Users Table. The Times shown in the table below are my initial assessment of the time it would take to develop the first Phase of a User Management facility which I am planning for this Web Site. Phase 2) Registered User Login The User can Login and see the Menu for the Level he/she has registered for - Gold, Sliver or Bronze. Tables required are shown in the Data Model on the left. Phase 3) Tracking User Page Visits This faciltity will track each page that the User visits and add them to the bottom of the list of standard Pages in the Menu. In this way, the Menu will gradually take on an appearance that more and more reflects the User's interests.

Please Email me with your thoughts on this interesting topic.

  Here is a comparison of some alternatives

Cold Fusion 1 day     Very powerful and Database-oriented
Iron Speed To be determined     I found Iron Speed impossible to use.
Microsoft ASP 1 day     Very popular and Templates available
Microsoft Web Developer Express 1 day      
Oracle Application Express 4 days     This is a surprising estimate. We welcome any comments
Salesforce 2 days     This estimate was also a surprise and a disppointment. Confirmation would be welcomed

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