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This Page discusses Tools for developing Database-backed Web Sites.
The choice of Development Tools is always increasing,what differentiates them is a number of factors, 
including price, choice of target platforms, ability to change generated code, etc..
We have included a number of Products in the list below.

ColdFusion has a page of its own, (although it needs updating).
If you have any favourites or comment, please let us know.
Here is a number of representative Products, listed alphabetically :-
  • Applaud
  • N/A Looks good because it's based on a Data Dictionary and Templates.
  • ASPRunner
  • $69.00 from XLineSoft - Convert your database to ASP code for dynamic Pages.
  • DBtoHTML
  • $129.00 from XLineSoft - Convert your database to HTML for static Pages.
  •   Provides a Database Discussion site.
  • CodeCharge
  • $139 A rich set of features and excellent value for money.
    Reviewed by eDevCafe, the PC Team, and the Intranet Journal.
  • DreamWeaver MX
  • $500 Supports ASPs, JSPs and PHP/mySQL.
  • Dynamic PSP
  •   A very powerful product which generates web site pages, using Oracle PL/SQL Procedures.
  • IBM VisualAge for Java
  • $142 Generates JSPs
  • IBM WebSphere Studio
  • $570 Supports JSPs.
  • InfusionSoft
  •   Custom Database Solutions.
  • TemplateMonster
  •   Here's a very interesting alternative.
  • Visual InterDev
  • $1,079++ Microsoft's offering in this space.
  • WebCentric Software
  • $269 or $99 online 'WebMaster' offers Database-driven Sites at the 'Click of a Mouse'.
  • WebData
  • $199 or $599 WebData offers either Classic or Pro.
  • WinDev
  • About $1,500
    "Competitive Exchange"
    Offers Windows-oriented front-end development, with a free demo version, for a range of DBMSs, including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and Sybase.
    And here are number of Hosting options (listed alphabetically) :-
  • Expert Hosting
  •   From ColdFusion Forum
  • Find a Host
  •   Watch out for the irritating pop-ups !!!
  • NexPoint
  • $120/year A special deal offering ColdFusion and SQL Server
  • Satachi,(UK)
  • 40/month Offers a 'Developers Package', ColdFusion with MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Scorpions,(NYC)
  • $99.95/month A special 'Starter Hosting' deal offering excellent value with Oracle and JSPs.
  • TopHosts,(UK)
  •   Listing of 'Top Hosts'.
  • WebHostDir
  •   Check this Web Host Directory.
    And here are some Freelance Developer Sites (also listed alphabetically) :-
  • CodeLance
  • At least $100 Post your Development project.
  • eLance Online
  • Post your Development project, but only after you register with a Credit Card.
  • Freelance Central
  • Freelance Developer
  • Rent-A-Coder
  • An attractive Web Site but we have no experience of their services.
  • SmartBids (UK)
  • "Find the best freelance programmers at the lowest prices, for all your development projects"

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