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  The Desperado Approach to Application Development

We have a new Approach to Development, based on a very powerful Oracle-based Tool called Dynamic PSP.
The Approach is based on a User-extensible Data Dictionary and a series of Templates.

The first Applications are a Data Dictionary/Information Catalog and a Reference Data Manager.
These are Building Blocks which will combine to provide horizontal and vertical Components.

Our Componet range is shown below, and if you have a question, please contact us.

  Components and Starting-Points

Follow these Links for detailed Product Information
Dynamic PSP Applications
Login Page Also shows a Data Dictionary which should be removed.
A List of Products A Good place to start.
Evidence Tracking Developed for a Police Department in Florida and provides a Template.
It needs a review.
Getting Started This needs an explanation.
Planned On-Demand, Online, Web-Based Applications
Best Practice Mgr Collaboration and Feedback.
Data Dictionary This is the same as the Information Catalog,( see below).
Data Migration Already set up as Best Practice.
Information Catalog Provides a single point of access to information within an organization.
Reference DB An 'off-the-shelf' collection of reference static Data.
Reference Data Mgr Provides facilities to maintain and distribute Reference Data.
Talent Agency Database of Actors, Dancers, Models, etc..
Business Category Inventory Control
Business Category Project Management
Order Processing e-Commerce
Reservations Health Clubs
Reservations Hotel Reservations
Technical Help Desk
e-Learning Planned for next release.
Perf Monitoring Planned for next release.
User Portals Planned for next release.

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