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Data Model for UN Events   
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Click here for UN Events and here to take a look at the UN Events Web Site and here for interesting Offices and Topics.

We have based this Model on our Canonical Data Model, which is based on Personal Face-to-Face Events, such as Retail
Purchases or Professional Services, like Dentists, Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers and so on.

When we think about the United Nations, we realise this 'Personal' Model is not entirely appropriate and we have listed the
variations under the Business Rules below.

Conceptual Data Model

Conceptual Data Model

Business Rules 1. Because this is an 'Enterprise level' Model things like Channels, Staff, Suppliers, Things, Products and Services do not appear because they are at a lower level. 2. Customers are replaced by Participants with an appriate value for 'Role'. 3. Documents are very imortant. 4. Locations are very important because the UN has activities around the world. 5. At first, I thought that Payments are not important at this level but might have a Suject Area of its own. On second thoughts, I realized that they could be modelled in my current Model where the Event would be 'Receive Payment' or 'Make Payment'. 6. Things are things like items of Equipment and do not appear because they are at a lower level.

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
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London, England
October 29th. 2016

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