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Data Model for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity   
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This Model was inspired by a report of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity that appeared in the
UK Daily i newspaper on December, 8th. 2016.

Conceptual Data Model


Logical Data Model

Logical Data Model
This Tutorial is intended for students and other people who 
are interested in Data Modelling and learning about the United Nations.

It combines a 'Self-Study' course in Data Modelling with techniques 
in information analysis to answer these four questions :-
1. What Activities does the UN have in progress ?
2. How many people are involved in each Activity ?
3. What is the budget for each Activity ?
4. Where does the money come from ?
Click here to read the Tutorial and the story of how it developed.
If you would like to be involved in this work, please email me at info (at)
Barry Williams

Principal Consultant
Database Answers Ltd.
London, England
December 8th. 2016

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