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Norlia started her career with the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing, China. She then moved to the Philippines for 3 years before relocating to Fiji where she worked happily for a year before meeting her British husband-to-be and moved to the UK for the next 30+ years.

Barry started his education at Boarding School in Sligo, Ireland, and University of Leeds in England, where he obtained a Bachelor's degreee in Mathematics.followed by a Graduate quaficiation in
Computer Science. Then, being keen to go to the States, he joined IBM (UK) and persuaded them to send him to Yale University for a year.
On his return to the UK, Barry joined IBM's Research Labs at Hursley Park. Then after a few years he received a very interesting offer to transfer to Bell Northern Research Labs in Ottawa, Canada where he had the opportunity of engaging in challenging Computer-Assisted work in remote medical diagnostics.

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
Database Answers Ltd.
London, England
January 5th. 2019

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