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  Welcome to the e-Commerce Data Models Page

   This Page is designed to help you if you want a series of Data Models in an e-Commerce Theme.
  A Tutorial for Beginners supports Model Number 4 on Customers and Orders.

   It uses Starbucks and as examples.
  These Models build on each other, and become increasingly complex

A set of e-Commerce Data Models.
1 Beginner SQL CD Collections Artists, CDs, Tracks and Record Companies.
2 Beginner SQL Video Rental Store Customers, Orders, Rentals and Videos - shows Inheritance.
3 Beginner SQL Inventory Control For Retail Stores, and includes Vendors, Product Items, and Stock Level.
4 Beginner SQL Amazon and Starbucks Supports a Tutorial which Uses Customers and Orders to cover the basic concepts of One-to-Many and Many-to-Many Relationships, as well as Primary Keys, Foreign Keys and so on.
5 Beginner SQL Customers and Addresses Includes Customers and Addresses for Billing, Delivery and so on.
6 Enthusiast SQL Customers and Invoices Includes Accounts, Customers, Invoices, Products and Transactions.
7 Enthusiast   Orders and Deliveries Includes Customers, Trucks, Routes and Deliveries.
8 Enthusiast   e-Commerce Includes Customers, Invoices, Products and Shipments.
9 Enthusiast   Organisations and People Includes Organisations, Events and People.
10 Enthusiast   Data Warehouse Star Schema for a Financial Transaction Data Warehouse.

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