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  Subject Area Data Models

This page lists a number of Subject Area Data Models.
They represent 'stripped-down' Models which contain the basics for a specific application area.
Subject Area Data Models are major functional areas within an orgnaisation that can be used to
define the scope for smaller Data Models that can be integrated to define a comprehensive
Data Model.

They are 'Canonical' Models that can be used as a common point of reference and a way of
exchanging data between more detailed Models.

Step-by-Step Tutorials showing how Subject Areas can be combined as part of a Top-Level Model are available for Services for Certification and Tracking Shipping and a smaller one for Gym Management.

"**John Giles" indicates that John has identified the Data Model as a Design Pattern in his 'Nimble Elephant' book.

Here are some useful Links :-

  • EIM Institute
  • IT Toolbox
  • TDWI and Zachman

  •   Here are the current Models

    Subject Area Data Models
      Customers as a Subject Area
      Locations as a Subject Area
      Products as a Subject Area
    1   Accounts
    1   Addresses and Parties
    2 John Giles ** Bill of Materials
    3   Canonical Data Models
    4   Circus (Events & Players)
    5   Contracts
    6   Customer Master Data (Local Gov't)
    7   Customers, addresses and Payment Methods
    8   Customers and Services
    9   Data Migration
    10   Deliveries
    11   Deliveries (Warehouse)
    12   Document Management
    13   Equipment Maintenance
    14   Events
    15   Facilities
    16   Father of All Models
    17   Finance
    18   Financial Transactions
    19   Generic Foundation
    20   Generic Me and My Life
    21   Insurance
    22   Invoices and Payments
    23   Locations
    24   Organisations and People
    25   Organisations, People and Transactions
    26   Organisations,Members & Events
    27   Organisations,Members & Meetings
    28   Parties, Roles and Customers
    29   Patient Care
    30   Payments and Invoices
    31   Payments (Subject Area)
    32   Payments (Wholesale Banks)
    33   Product Catalogs
    34   Procurement
    35   Reservations
    36   Retail customers
    37   Scheduling (Cleaning Jobs)
    38   Service Assessment
    39   Shrek 2 Movie (Events & Places)
    40   Transport
    41   User-defined Hierarchies
        Wikipedia Entry on Generic Data Models

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