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Data Model for a Student Information System   
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The Specifications have been drafted.

This Data Model is based on the typical Life Cycle of a Student. The first thing a Student does is to register at a School, then sign up for Classes, followed by completion of Assignments, taking Exams and finally leaving the Schoool (or transferring) and taking his or her Transcripts. The way in which these separate Models are related is defined in the Information Catalog.

A Data Mart might be created to help with Enquiries and Reports.
Wikipedia has very interesting articles on a Student Information System and a Schools_Interoperability_Framework (SIF) which has been established to help in exchanging data through a standard approach to Student Information.
The SIF has been implemented in the United States, for example in Wyoming, which has launched the WISE Project, to "collect, certify, and transform school district data into standardized data sets".
It is increasingly being implemented in the Australia, India, UK and elsewhere.
Visual Software, with offices in the USA, the UK and Australia, is one of the companies playing a significant role in advancing the adoption of SIF.

This is a very simple and flexible 'Kick Start' Data Model.

High-Level Data Model (LDM) for Students
Separate Data Models have been designed for each of these activities :-
  • Assignments
  • Attendance
  • Athletes and Teams
  • Behavior Monitoring
  • Class Scheduling
  • Exams
  • Registration (with Parents and Guardians)
  • Student Loans
  • Transcripts

  • Conceptual Data Model

    Conceptual Data Model
    Conceptual Data Model for Analytics and Reports

    Conceptual Data Model

    Logical Data Model

    Student Information Systems Data Model

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