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3NF Data Warehouse for Retail Banks 

You can Email me if you would like an Access Database.
The Requirements have been defined in a question to the Database Answers Web Site.
A Dimensional Data Mart and a Dimensional Model have been designed to provide a starting-point for Enquiries and Reports.

an ERwin 3NF Data Model Has been created, along with along with an ERwin Dimensional Data Mart.
Scroll down to see the three Data Models
You can take a look at two Slide Shows that run less than 2 minutes each.
One is for the Dimensional Models (which runs automatically) and the other is for the Logical (3NF) Data Model, (which also runs automatically, but you can override it)

The Events in the Customer Life Cycle are part of an Agile approach to designing a 3NF Data Model and a Dimensional Data Mart :-
  • Event 1 - Set-up Banks and Branches
  • Event 2 - Create new Customer
  • Event 3 - Setup New Account
  • Event 4 - Issue Credit Card
  • Event 5 - Customer makes Deposit
  • Event 6 - Customer uses Card
  • Event 7 - Bank Issues Statement
  • Event 8 - Customer closes Account

    An Enterprise Data Model (3rd. Normal Form)

    Retail Banks 3rd. Nomal Form
    Physical Enterprise Data Model and Data Types

    Enterprise Data Model with Data Types
    A Dimensional Model

    Retail Banks Final Dimensional Model
    Two Data Marts with Conformed Dimensions

    Retail Banks Dimensional Model with Conformed Dimensions

    Barry Williams
    January 16th. 2013
    Database Answers Ltd.
    London, England

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