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Data Model for Generic Recruitment Agencies   
An Access Database is available.

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If you are new to Data Models, this page of my new Tutorial will help you understand the Data Model.

Data Model for Generic Recruitment Agencies See Sample Ouptut , Demo Monster Page and Apex POC Data Model

A) Produce the Database using the Data Model with Attributes
  1. Create and load Data into the Reference Data Tables (beginning with 'REF_').
  2. Create the Addresses Table.
  3. Create the Candidates Table.
  4. Create the Clients Table.
  5. Create the Candidates_for_Vacancies Table.
  6. Create the Ref_Application_Status Table.
  7. Create the Recruitment_Agencies Table.
  8. Create the Vacancies Table.

B) Use Oracle Apex to generate Data Entry Pages and load data for all the Tables listed above.
C) Generate Apex Pages for the following functions :-
  1. Add Standard Reports - Totals by Clients - Vacancies, Vacancies.Fee Payable , - Vacancies by Skills, etc. by Office and Time-Period.
  2. Add Invoice Printing
  3. Add multiple Currencies
  4. Add One-off Payments (incoming or outgoing, such as Insurance Payments for Claims)
  5. Add Recurring Payments (eg regular Orders or Insurance Payments)
  6. Add Document management
  7. Moree to be determined

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December 12th. 2013

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