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Train Reservations
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A diagram showing a Conceptual Data Model is available.
A distributed railway reservation system stores the following information
(The following description may lead to un-normalized relations,normalize them wherever required)

Train Description :-
   includes Train number,Station from which the train originate and pass,
   Time of departure and arrival at various destinations,
   Number of seats available,Number of seats reserved etc.

Passenger description :- it 
  includes Passenger code,Name,Address,ph_no,etc.

Reservation description :- 
  includes Passenger code,Train number,Seat reserved etc.

Assume that only following two application exist.

(a) A request about reservation availability :-
    All information about trains from a given source 
    to destination is to be displayed on the user terminal.

(b) A reservation request is to be fulfilled which includes:-
    1. whether the passenger's data is already available.
       If not insert passenger data

2. Checking the availability of seats

3.Inserting the reservation description.

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Principal Consultant
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