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Data Model for our Platform Project for Getting Started with Digital Transformation   
We would be glad to have your comments. Rank the Vendors and chexk out the Platform Modernization Alliance and the Microsoft Business (Application) Platform
Here are four POC Projects :-
  • Self-Service Insurance
  • Self-Service Removals
  • Self-Service Student Registration
  • UN Global Compact

    Here is our Customer Data Platform and Gartner's Data Platform
    Oracle Links include
  • Apex
  • Customer Hub (pdf),
  • Customer Hub Data Sheet
  • MDM

    Beginner's Level) Digital Transformation
    Completion December 1st.
    Check Hospitality details here

    Data Architecture Phase 2

    DBA Cloud Services - Conceptual

    DBA Cloud Services - Logical

    DBA Cloud Services
    Events Data Model

    Banking SQL Insert Statament
    SQL Insert Banking
    Retail SQL Insert Statament
    SQL Insert Banking
    Retail SQL Insert Make Payment Statament
    SQL Insert Make Payment tatement
    Intermediate Level) KPI Alert Data Architecture

    Advanced Level) Data Architecture for Digital Transformation (Self Service)

    Conceptual Canonical Data Model - Our 'Answer'to Julie Meyer's Question
    Our 'Answer' is this Canonical Data Model 'digital enabler'

    Logical Canonical Data Model

    Platforms to build Ecosystems
    This diagram shows the underlying Generic Data Platform
    with variations for Banking, Commodities, Customer-Services
    and Logistics.
    These variations share the common design of the Generic Platform. Platforms and Me

    Barry Williams
    Principal Consultant
    Database Answers Ltd.
    London, England
    March 14th. 2017

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