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Data Model for Oil Companies   
An Access Database is available on demand.
The Specifications for the Data Model were obtained by thinking about Oil Companies.

We might also design a Data Mart, which is very useful for providing data for Reports and Business Intelligence.

We would be glad to have your comments.

If you are new to Data Models, this page of my new Tutorial will help you understand the Data Model.

Click here for our Approach to the design of Enterprise Data Models, based on a Top-Level Model, with Subject Area Models.
Subject Areas Models exist for Contracts, Deliveries, Procurement, Retail Sales Service Station Deliveries and Warehouse Deliveries.

Petroleum Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association is an industry-standards body that offers a Data Model and a Data Model Lite.

When we think about Oil Companies, we think mostly about Petrol, Service Stations, and customers, then oil extraction, refining and distribution.

So we end up with this draft list that provides our starting-point for designing the Data Model ...

Entities in a Data Model for Oil Companies
Then we think about how the Events in the Product Life-Cycle, how these various things are related, and how they might look on a 3NF Normalised Data Model.

For example, Oil is found by Exploration, extracted, transported, refined to Petrol and finally the Petrol is sold to Customers by Staff in Service Stations.

ERD Data Model for Oil Companies

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
Database Answers Ltd.
London, England
January 3rd. 2013

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