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Data Model for MetaData Management   

If you are new to Data Models, this page of my new Tutorial will help you understand the Data Model.

The Specifications have been derived by reviewing our experience in the area of MetaData.
We also have a page which reviews the current State-of-the-Art.

Stage 1) Analyse SAP Data
This is from the Silwood Blog and is a Data Model of SAP Tables used in a Bill of Materials Explosion process.

SAP from Silwood Data Model for MetaData Management
Stage 2) Load Safyr Data into a Metadata Repository
This shows that Safyr can extract MetaData from SAP and other Databases and load it into a MetaData Repository.
THis is a very powerful technque for establishing consistency in a corporate enviroment where there can be multiple source of data that need to be reconciled.

For example, a common definition of a 'Customer'.

An alternative commercial Enterprise-level Repository is Rochade, from ASG.

Data Model
Stage 3)
This is our Canonical Model which is the final Target for
MetaData which has been derived from a SAP Database.

SAP from Silwood Data Model for MetaData Management
Barry Williams
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February 6th. 2014

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