Data Model for Loyalty Programs
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Phase 1
The emphasis here is on 'get started' functionality.
Phase 2
Then we include the Customer Data Platform and Customer Journeys.
Phase 3 of the Business Data Model for Review
Here we show the full range of our thinking.

Partial list of Apps ???

1) Cash Flow - all Transactions are recorded in the Loyalty Program Database
against the Customer's name.
  • Customer Journey 2 : Cost of Purchase is recorded in the Database.
  • Extract Transaction data to create an input File for a Marketing Program (eg Lotame).
    CRM :-
  • The role of 'CRM' is to provide Customers with a Communications channel for Complaints, etc.
    These can be managed by appropriate specialist software such as Salesforce.
  • What is the role of 'Finance' ?

  • Phase 2

    Phase 3

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