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Data Model for HR - Human Resources   

If you have any comments or suggestions I'd be glad to hear them.
The Specifications for the Data Model have been defined as an example of our Best Practice.

Screenshot for successful HR Proof-of-Concept

Complete Layered Data Architecture

Dezign Logical Data Model

ERwin Logical Data Model

Conceptual Data Model
Conceptual Data Model for HR - Human Resources

Our Approach :-
  • Step 1. Create a draft Conceptual Data Model to show the important 'Things of Interest'.
  • Step 2. Request Stakeholder feedback on the Conceptual Data Model.
  • Step 3. Update the Conceptual Data Model to reflect the Stakeholder feedback.
  • Step 4. Obtain Stakeholder agreement to the updated the Conceptual Data Model.
  • Step 5. Produce the cost estimate for Phase 1.
  • Step 6. Discuss the cost estimate with the Stakeholder.
  • Step 7. Plan the next Steps.

  • We agree with Stakeholders what are the most important
    functional areas that should appear in this High-level Data Model.

    Barry Williams
    Principal Consultant
    Database Answers Ltd.
    London, England
    December 12th. 2015

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