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Data Model for a Hotel Napkin   

This is another of my Invisible Models that are based on things that we see around us every day without giving them much thought.
We demonstrate how to develop a 3NF Data Model and Data Marts from this simple start, using our Best Practice Event-driven Approach.
My first thought when I started this work was simply that I was interested in seeing where it would lead me.

My second thought was that because I was dealing with things I came across in my everyday life, that it would inevitably lead me to my Canonical Data MOdel.

I was very pleased to find this was the case ;-0)
An Access Database is available on demand.
The Specifications for the Data Model were obtained by thinking about the Napkin that I picked-up in the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel. .

We might design a Data Mart, following our 'Best Pratice' Event-driven approach.
The Data Mart is very useful for providng data for Reports and Business Intelligence.

We would be glad to have your comments.

If you are new to Data Models, this page of my new Tutorial will help you understand the Data Model.

When I started thinking about my Hotel Napkin, I was leaving the Savoy Hotel in London. I had been attending a Presentation organised by an American company called Adaptive Planning.
I met people in similar interests to mine and also with different interests which made for an interesting outing.
Step 1 : Define the 'Things of Interest' We define the 'Things of Interest' as Conferences, Conference Organisers, Delegates,
Hotels, Networking Contacts, Venues and so on.

So we end up with this draft list that provides our starting-point for designing the Data Model ...

Data Model for a Hotel Napkin
Step 2: Create the ERD Data Model
When we think about how these various things are related, we can define the following Business Rules and
how they might look in a 3NF Normalised Data Model.

ERD Data Model for a Hotel Napkin
Step 3: Align the ERD to our Canonical Data Model
When we align the ERD to our standard Database Answers Canonical Data Model,
this is the result (showing only the Entity names) :-

Canonical Data Model for a Hotel Napkin
This is our Canonical Data Model

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