Database Answers Govt Ability to address Financial Crisis (Click for Stratfor Web Site)

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Global Credit Crunch
An Access Database is available on demand.
The User Requirements have been drafted from a brief review of the press and TV.

After a little thought it became obvious that what I needed was a Data Mart approach.
Please email me if you have any comments.

Global Credit Crunch Data Model

Giles, from Vanderbilt U, made these interesting comments on April 8th. :-
I really liked your site and was intrigued by your data model on the Global Credit Crunch.
It misses the most obvious phenomena: monetary entanglement which is an analog of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect in quantum field theory ie instantaneous action at a distance. When the Central Bank creates money, call it counterfeiting, call it liquidity injection whatever moniker assuages guilt it is nonetheless a monotonically decreasing function of value. The miracle is that when the Bank prints/creates/injects one it takes a little nip out of every other one in existence from everyone’s pocket around the world. The perfect scam! The problem is the money is doled out to the connected who always mal-invest it, thus distorting the market from where it would otherwise go.

You could just add a real number field call it “nippage” and it will be a probablilty of value so it will range from 1 at the start and move asymptotically to zero, just the constant 1 divided by an identity integer times 1 minus an infinitesimal unit of time where the nippage is applied for every unit of “injection” to every unit of value in the db. Call it Austrian Economy of Value in honor of Ludwig Von Mises. Over the long run it will be a much better econometric tool than others."

Barry Williams
April 8th. 2009
London, England

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