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Data Model for Genealogy and Family Trees   
An Access Database is available on demand.

If you have any comments or suggestions we would be glad to hear them.
If you are new to Data Models, this page of my new Tutorial will help you understand the Data Model.

There might also be a Data Warehouse, which is very useful for providing data for Analysis, Enquiries, Reports and Business Intelligence.

I always look for published standards in any area I am working in.
Here's a link to the GENTECH Genealogical Data Model, published by the not-for-profit National Genealogical Society.
And here's a useful site called Genes Reunited, if you are searching for relatives and another one from a private organization called
the Genealogy Resource Guide that I was told about by Debbie Reynolds (thanks Debbie !!!).
Here is my final link, which is to the Wikipedia entry for GEDCOM, which is described as "an open specification for exchanging
genealogical data between different genealogy software."
If you would like an interface developed between my Model and the GEDCOM Model, please email me at

If you want more examples, simply Google for 'genealogy data model'.

Data Model for Genealogy A question on August 28th. 2012, from Stefan Wasem in Australia, made me take another look at my Genealogy Models. I decided I liked the one on this page, and also the Physical Data Model without Families.

But when I look at two more models, after a break of many years, they don't look right :-
  • a Conceptual Data Model with Families
  • a Conceptual Data Model without Families

    On September 28th, 2013, I added a Model for the
    Omani Royal Family in the Middle East,
    in connection with a Chapter I am adding to my book on Data Modelling (Volume 2 for Beginners), available from my Downloads Page.

    Barry Williams
    Principal Consultant
    Database Answers Ltd.
    London, England
    September 28th. 2013

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