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Data Model for our Event-Driven Platform   
An Access Database is available. We would be glad to have your comments.

If you are new to Data Models, this page of one of our Tutorials will help you understand the Data Model.

Click here to see how this applies to an Airport Management System.

Our Data Model
Data Model for our Event-Driven Platform

The design of the Architecture is based on our Canonical Data Model.
We use this Architecture in our structured Methodology :-
Step 1. Map the Source Data Model to the Canonical Data Model
Step 2. Map the Canonical Data Model to this Event-Driven Platform.
Step 3. Enhance the Data Sets and CRUD Services as required for Cloud-enhanced delivery.
Click here for a Patent on Systems and methods forEvent-driven baggage management
We use this approach for our KPIs and BMEWS BI on the Beach for an Airport.
Four Layer Event Driven Platform

The implementation in Oracle's Application Express is defined by these priorities :-
1. Reference Data
2. Master Data
3. Operational / Transaction Data
Four Layer Data Architecture

Data Stewards and Governance

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July 14th. 2016

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