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An Architecture for an Entertainment Data Platform   

The incentive for this work was an article by Ian Burrell (Twitter: @iburrell) in the 'i' newspaper entitled
"Tinseltown and tech combine to squeeze out British creatives"

If you have any comments, I'd be glad to hear them
This is my initial response that proposes an approach to help us meet the challenge presented by the American combination of 'Tinseltown and tech'.

Strategic Planning

Concensus and Decision-making
This is the Strategic level where participants include senior planners and decision-makers.
Input from all Participants is considered when decisions are reached.

Lifecycle of a Performance

Lifecycle of an Entertainment Performance
This is the Tactical level where participants include BBC Managers and Theatre Impresarios.
It shows our first draft of an Architecture for a Performance.

It consists of a number of linked Stagaes and can easily be modified to meet different requirements.

Lifecycle of a Performer  

Lifecycle a Performer
This is the Operational level where participants include Actors, Dancers, Singers and so on.
It shows our first draft of the Stages in the Life-Cycle of a Performer.
We have followed the same approach in this Lifecycle of a Performer.

In this way, we can have the same design for the underlying framework.

This provides an economic and flexible approach.

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
Database Answers Ltd.
London, England
January 5th. 2016

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